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Outster - Cum Here For Gay Porn

A sexual fantasy about TaeThe Doug . Car breaks down in front of a trap area . I call AAA for help, but told it would be 45 min to an hour before someone could assist. A group of thugs approach me asking why da fuq I'm doing in their bando, and start trying to punk me. Tae recognizes me from somewhere and tells them I'm cool and they back off. We smoke in my whip and chat , he realizes that he knows me from the club, where he sell weed occasionally . He asks why was I there on Gay night. I deny it at first , but he says he already knows wassup . He says the only reason he vouched for me with his home boys is because he wants to fuck me . AAA arrives and fixes my whip . Tae gets in on the passenger side and reveals his gun and orders me to drive to his spot . He forces me inside and says it's time for me to show my appreciation for him helping me out and advises me to get naked and humble. And with that. It's on.....