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TaeThe Doug Fantasy with RobbieDash

TaeThe Doug

Fantasy about TaeThe Doug
Tae the Doug and Robbie Dash going at it with lots of sucking and rimming...
RobbieDash in a scene with him

TaeThe Doug Homo Niggas with RobbieDash Gay Sex Fantasy
Diamond Dick Fantasy with Reeko

Diamond Dick

Fantasy about Diamond Dick
I would love to see him and Reeko together in a Scene.
Reeko in a scene with him

Diamond Dick THUG DICK with Reeko Gay Sex Fantasy
Kidd Fantasy with 5 ☆


Fantasy about Kidd
submitted by: Stephen
I want a sexy Nigga to fuck me Raw
5 ☆ in a scene with him
5 ☆

Kidd Bitch fucked mad niggas with 5 ☆ Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Blade Fantasy with Amear


Fantasy about Blade
submitted by: Jon
My fantasy would involve group interracial gay sex. As many guys in one room as possible having the times of their lives moaning cumming fucking. I'm str8 and I wanna fuck around with a group of guys and see them all with each other too.
Amear in a scene with him

Blade Hung ThugBoy with Amear Gay Sex Fantasy
Bootz Fantasy with


Fantasy about Bootz
Me fucking the shit out of him in the park

Bootz Chocolate Gay Brothas Gay Sex Fantasy
Magic Wood Fantasy with

Magic Wood

Fantasy about Magic Wood
To meet his sexy ass

Magic Wood Hood Niggas with Big Dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
360 Fantasy with Angel


Fantasy about 360
Beauty adpirtiond
Angel in a scene with him

360 Uncut Thick Black Cock with Angel DL Thug Sex Story
Enigma-X Fantasy with


Fantasy about Enigma-X
Yes some good dick, but need to know how to use it effectively.

Enigma-X Black Thugz Gay Sex Story
BabyBoy Fantasy with 2Long


Fantasy about BabyBoy
Black gays
2Long in a scene with him

BabyBoy Thug Fucking with 2Long Homoerotic Sex Story
MA$TER P¡€C€ Fantasy with


Fantasy about MA$TER P¡€C€
submitted by: Holden
a threesome with my girl- we suck master piece at the same time, then I rim her while he is plowing her, then I rim him while he is balls deep in her asshole:)

MA$TER P¡€C€ Homo Niggas Homoerotic Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
submitted by: michael
I adore Rudy. I would give him ANYTHING for the honor of pleasuring him. He is so sexy from pretty face to sexy feet. I want so bad to be his sissy white bitch and beg for him to use me 24/7 so his whole day is one orgasm after another in my ass or mouth. I want to be totally submissive to his every desire and gladly accept every order he gives me as long as it pleasures him. You are delicious Rudy and I want to kiss and lick every inch of your gorgeous body

Rudy Cashh DL THug Niggas Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Wood Fantasy with


Fantasy about Wood

Wood Black Gay Video Thug Sex Story
TaeThe Doug Fantasy with

TaeThe Doug

Fantasy about TaeThe Doug

TaeThe Doug black male nude video Ghetto Gay Sex Story
SupaBad Fantasy with


Fantasy about SupaBad

SupaBad Black Bareback Gay Porn Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Intrigue Fantasy with


Fantasy about Intrigue

Intrigue Ebony Ass Homoerotic Sex Story
Gucci Starr Fantasy with

Gucci Starr

Fantasy about Gucci Starr

Gucci Starr Ebony Ass Gay Sex Story
Tyko Fantasy with


Fantasy about Tyko
Having a hot kisser like you,being rimmed for a good 20 minutes before you fuck me

Tyko Black gay thugs DL Thug Sex Story
Romeo Fantasy with


Fantasy about Romeo
submitted by: Jason
Man i would do anything u want.. i want u inside me so bad

Romeo Sexy Black Studs Gay Sex Story
Capricorn Fantasy with


Fantasy about Capricorn
submitted by: bbc
super hot dick

Capricorn THUG DICK Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Angyl Mandingo Fantasy with

Angyl Mandingo

Fantasy about Angyl Mandingo
submitted by: jack spade
to be forced to suck him . I'm white and straight would love 2 or 3 dark uncut black men turn me out

Angyl Mandingo Gay Male Escorts Thug Sex Story
Angelo Fantasy with


Fantasy about Angelo
I am just trying new stuff and he look good to eat up :)

Angelo Homo Niggas Thug Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
I m in the hilton hotel in Orlando and there is a knock at the door it's jovonne he comes in I give him a drink and he light up a smoke I pull his shirt off and he take down his pants it's big and hard we get into bed it's dark he fuck me hard his kisses are hard and good he put me on my back with my legs in the air fucking me so hard opening me up he come deep in me we lay there kissing I order room service we have dinner and we fuck over again we fall asleep we wake up at 5a m he goes to the bathroom come back to bed he is hard I take him in my mouth I suck him he love it he put on a rubber and fuck me real hard I beg him to stop he tell me to take that dick I try to get up he holds me down and push it in all the way fucking me so hard he comes deep in me I pass out I wake up and he is gone I find a photo of him on the desk with a note it reads I love your hole it belong to me I will be back for more be ready

Jovonnie Man Up Nigga Homoerotic Sex Story
Mr A-T-L Fantasy with

Mr A-T-L

Fantasy about Mr A-T-L
submitted by: Jason Ruddell
I want to have 4 thug out dope boy from the hood.i would be tired up and made to Suck dicks . Then one of them would pull out a gun and then one by one they would eat my assignment getting it ready for raw BEETING

Mr A-T-L Hood Niggas with Big Dicks Thug Sex Story
AJ Fantasy with


Fantasy about AJ
I'mi invited to a remote cabin in the mountains of tenn. with deangelo and the model shown. We're hiking thru the woods when it starts to rain we're getting soaked and looking for shelter . We happen upon a small cave. It's cozy and dry. We're very wetted cold.luckily we find snuff dry wood to start a fire. We take off all our clothes and la them close to the fire to try todry them out and get warm this is obviously a great time to get to know each other better/intamently! It's wonderful being the white icing between.two lushious chocolate cookies!! There was more than enough cream to share ...the rest of that week-end was just as great as the few hours spent in the cave

AJ Thug Gay Street Trade Homoerotic Sex Story
Kellan Tray Fantasy with

Kellan Tray

Fantasy about Kellan Tray
My fantasy is to have a thug come and say I owe them money and my choice is either to get beat up or let them fuck me long and rough and those are my only two options to chose from

Kellan Tray Gay Male Escorts Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Killah Fantasy with Phoenix


Fantasy about Killah
It'd be cool to see Killah w/ Phoenix in a raw verse scene w/ a creampie at the end. The two have worked together many times & they seem to like giving & getting dick from each other. And it'd be nice to see them two get it on w/o anyone else there to distract them.
Phoenix in a scene with him

Killah Black Bareback Gay Porn with Phoenix Gay Sex Story
Lil *Daddi Fantasy with Dynasty

Lil *Daddi

Fantasy about Lil *Daddi
Let's get it Dynasty..
Dynasty in a scene with him

Lil *Daddi Raw Freaks to flood your black ass with Dynasty Homoerotic Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with Holliwud KID

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
submitted by: Corrado
I want to see Rudy fucked by a big dildo or try a double penetration
Holliwud KID in a scene with him
Holliwud KID

Rudy Cashh Black thug twinks with Holliwud KID Gay Sex Fantasy
Chaos Fantasy with


Fantasy about Chaos
submitted by: Jay
I would love to sex with you like I was one of your costars.Do anything oral, and then fuck me all crazy.

Chaos Gay Black Thug Sex Gay Black Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
I would love to service you anyway you desire.Use my mouth ,I want to suck your cock,then have you tear my white hot ass apart.Just use me make me beg for your monster black cock and have every inch deep inside me..if u travel to Long Island,e mail me and then I will call you

Rudy Cashh Hot Gay Thugs Fucking Big Dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
Buttah Fantasy with


Fantasy about Buttah
submitted by: ALI MWITA

Buttah Big Dick Black Gay Thug 3Way Ghetto Gay Sex Story
PM Fantasy with


Fantasy about PM
submitted by: ALI MWITA
ilike you top and you beuaty boy.and top.

PM Black Gay Hood Niggas Fucking Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
PM Fantasy with Buttah


Fantasy about PM
ilike you top and you beuaty boy.and top.
Buttah in a scene with him

PM Uncut Thick Black Cock with Buttah Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by:
I want to put daddy's dik in jovonnie tight hole

Jovonnie Chocolate Gay Brothas Gay Black Sex Story
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
submitted by: lee30
Omg let me tell you something You are so fine I would literally enjoy licking your nuts with some whipped cream in take some strawberry slowly squeeze them over you sexy body papi in lick yo nipples chest stomach balls tell there is no more cream have you give me a gold shower while you lick your lips saying you like fo daddy to spray you down dont you.I reply yes Daddy I just got hot I need to get my life together but god he is the sexiest guy I see out of these porn star I no your dude or girl lucky to have you

ArQuez Black Boy Gay Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Mr. Saukei Fantasy with Absolut

Mr. Saukei

Fantasy about Mr. Saukei
submitted by: Dorsiea smith
1 day I was at the mall with my friends I saw this hot guy looking at me I look back at him the he smells I blush so hard he walk torso me and asked for my name I was dirty though in my head and I cant believe what he did he kisses me on the lips I kiss back his lips were so soft I gave him my number then he call me on Saturday night And me and him talk all night long the story continue
Absolut in a scene with him

Mr. Saukei Black Thugz with Absolut Black Gay Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
submitted by: maubert
Tenho um Tesão enorme,queia cavalgar nesta pica enorme e depois comer esse cuzinho maravilhoso, to cansado de bater punheta para ele, é realmente o melhor de todos.

Rudy Cashh Black Raw Gay Porn  Thug Sex Story
TonyB Fantasy with


Fantasy about TonyB
For him to push his dick in my ass

TonyB Bitch fucked mad niggas Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Kidd Fantasy with HotRod


Fantasy about Kidd
submitted by: John Breslin
I want Kidd to be gang-banged by Cutler, Hotrod, The Dream and Jovonnie. And to take turns tag teaming him..
HotRod in a scene with him

Kidd black gay men fucking with HotRod Gay Sex Story
Mello Fantasy with


Fantasy about Mello
tickling his feet

Mello Big Dick Videos Gay Black Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
I would love to see Rudy manhandled by your biggest and best tops. Maybe two or three of them just have their way with him. He just embraces the bottom role for a scene.

Rudy Cashh big black dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
2Long Fantasy with


Fantasy about 2Long
submitted by: Bebee
I wanna have sex on my balcony ( which overlooks a park) in broad daylight

2Long Gay Black Thug Sex Gay Sex Fantasy
LokDown Fantasy with


Fantasy about LokDown
Come home from prison all sweaty and do me on the FLOOR!!

LokDown caribbean black dick encounters Gay Sex Story
Rudy Cashh Fantasy with

Rudy Cashh

Fantasy about Rudy Cashh
Can Rudy Cashh do a solo jerkoff video ?

Rudy Cashh Ghetto Gays Gay Sex Fantasy
2Long Fantasy with Discord Adamz


Fantasy about 2Long
My fantasy is having sex on the beach
Discord Adamz in a scene with him
Discord Adamz

2Long Black Gay Thugs With Fat Dicks with Discord Adamz Black Gay Sex Story
KB-Toys Fantasy with


Fantasy about KB-Toys
He has the prettiest lips and gap ... I kiss on him all day and suck on his tongue ... I'd ride him and let him ride me .... Spit in my mouth ....

KB-Toys Free Black Gay Porn Gay Sex Story
2Long Fantasy with


Fantasy about 2Long
U cute and sexy i would like to taste u and suck u

2Long Chocolate Gay Brothas Thug Sex Story
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
my fantasy is to have a wonderful night with a black man with a big dick

Chocolate Majik Gay Black Thug Sex Black Gay Sex Story
2Long Fantasy with


Fantasy about 2Long
submitted by: Hornyass
I would like to do a deep Suck and get fuck Ed hard.

2Long dl freak nigga home made videos Black Gay Sex Story
LokDown Fantasy with


Fantasy about LokDown
submitted by: Big Dick Alex
My fantasy is for my roof to start leaking and I can't fix it and I call my neighbor to take a look and he fixes my roof and I try to pay him with money but he wants something else in pay so he slowly removes my clothes I do the same to him we kiss and he gives me head and I return the favor I eat his ass and I fuck him till I cum on his beard and face and he cums on me and we cum kiss eachother.

LokDown Gay Black Thug Sex Black Gay Sex Fantasy

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